There is a wide variety of sealants, with many of them  referred to generically as ‘silicone sealants’, even though this isn’t technically always correct. Silicone sealants are primarily designed as a waterproof seal, making them ideal for around baths, basins and showers and roof spouting downpipes.

silicone sealants

When choosing a silicone sealant, select one that is designed for the right job (Roof & Gutter or Window & Glass), as these will have a different chemical make-up. Most silicone sealants are treated with a mould/mildew retardant, so they have improved resistance to those ugly stains that can sometimes appear in the sealants around your bath or shower.

Many are also resistant to paint, so take care when applying them or choose a pain table co-polymer sealant. Co-polymer sealants perform in much the same way as silicone sealants and can be used on surfaces that are damp or even wet, which is extraordinarily useful when working outdoors or in areas where moisture is a constant problem.

silicone sealants

Selleys has a wide range of silicone sealants, including the new 3 in 1, which are specifically designed for certain purposes, but one of the new additions to the range is Wet Area Speed seal, which is designed to cure quickly, to a point where it is possible to shower just two hours after application.
Ados also has a number of different silicone sealants available at Mitre 10, ranging from a kitchen/bath option through to a roof/gutter version and a window/ glass formula, as well as their All Purpose silicone. Selleys All Clear, a co-polymer sealant, also comes in a tin rather than the standard tube, so it can be brushed onto awkward and irregular cracks.


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