Foam fillers

When undertaking renovations or repairs to a home, it’s often easy to be left with quite large cavities where pipe work or ducting goes through a wall. These can reduce the insulating properties in a wall or ceiling and provide spaces that can be draughty and cold. It’s also possible that awkwardly-shaped cavities and voids (such as under the edges of sheets of roofing material) will provide a haven for birds to nest or vermin to make their home, so it’s a great idea to fill them and seal these spaces off. 

Foam fillers

 Expanding foam fillers, such as Selleys Space Invader or Polyfilla Expanding Foam, are an excellent solution to these difficult areas. Available in a spray can, expanding foam fillers can be applied through a nozzle into these gaps where they expand to fill the empty space. If it expands too far (through over application) it can be trimmed back with a sharp utility knife to sit flush with it surroundings.


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