Luxury Bedding

Bedding, be it a luxury bedding or bedding cheap, is an essential part of the house of a certain quality of life.

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How to choose bedding is an act that will bring significant rewards and well-being at home.

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A condition to have a fat wallet, bedding luxury bedding combines quality, design and even high-tech! Of the most classic to futuristic, here's a quick overview of what to offer luxury bedding.

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For each brand, luxury bedding is a range of mattresses and box springs of very high quality. The mattresses are usually 100% latex, with shape memory and three sleeping areas to prevent back pain. The thicknesses are at least 20 cm, while the density is generally equivalent to 78 kg/m3. These mattresses have summer and winter sides, lined with cotton and polyurethane for perfect temperature control.

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In a luxury bedding, the mattress is breathable for better hygiene, often made from natural materials and environmentally friendly pest control and anallergénique and always.

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Side mattresses, bedding luxury set on electrical equipment. In a double bed, the bed consists of two independent pieces, and can raise the headboard for a moment of reading, or feet for those with circulation problems.

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The firmness of the mattress is also adjustable. Luxury bedding assuring a good night's sleep, but also simple moments of rest and relaxation.

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For those who can afford to spend thousands of dollars to equip, luxury bedding is wildly happy.

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It is the fruit of the imagination of designers emeritus, which combine quality materials and high-tech facilities to enjoy a big screen built into the bed, light therapy or an internet connection! Luxury bedding favors bedsteads and mattresses large (200 * 200 for example), or circular shapes inspired canopy bed.

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Choose it by yourself!!

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